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12のブーケのカレンダー 2020 完売記念|Free download





Pencake worksは今年も、毎年ご好評いただいている「12のブーケのカレンダー」を制作し、おかげさまで完売となりました。バレンタインをもちまして、2020年版カレンダーの販売を終了といたします。







*iPhone Xの画面比率に合わせて制作しております。壁紙設定の際、各種デバイスにフィットさせてお使いください。設定時、少し大きく表示されます。軽く小さくするようにピンチすると下方のロゴも画面にきれいに収まります。





ご希望の方はeメール、InstagramやMessengerなどのSNSより「2020カレンダー後半壁紙 希望」と一言いただけると幸いです。



Pencake works

Special Gift from Pencak works!


One and a half months have passed in 2020, Valentine’s Day has over, and it is mid February.


Pencake works produced the  “Twelve Bouquets Calendar” last November so did every year and now it’s sold out thanks to it. With the Valentine’s Day, the sale of the 2020 calendar has ended.


Thank you very much for your support.


As a small gift from us, we will distribute a smartphone wallpaper with the same design as the calendar for free from today with gratitude!


The first one is available from February to June. Feel free to download and use the image below.


* Tap or Click to display, then save the image, or press and hold to save.

* It has made according to the screen ratio of iPhone X. When setting the wallpaper, use it by fitting it to various devices. When setting, it is displayed slightly larger. As pinching it lightly, the logo below will fit nicely on the screen. 

For the second half of 2020, we would like to respond to your request.


If you would like, please e-mail, Instagram, Messenger, and other SNSs and say, “I want the latter half of the 2020 calendar wallpaper”.


We very hope 2020 a wonderful year for you!

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March Magnolia
Scents of Yellow April
May Carnations
June Peony